Almohad Caliphate
Almohads banner
Capital Sevilla
Ruler Caliph Muhammad al-Nasir
Claimant None
Culture(s) Berber, Andalusian
Approximate area of Almohad Caliphate (light green) in the southwestern mediterranean context, 1200 AD[1].

The Almohad Caliphate is a faction in Europe 1200.

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The Almohad Caliphate is ruled by Caliph Muhammad al-Nasir.

At the starting point of the game, the Almohad Caliphate is at war with every single one of its neighbours: the christian hispanic kingdoms of Castille, Leon, Portugal and Aragon, the three iberian military orders of Aviz, Calatrava and Santiago, and also the almoravid Emirate of the Banu Ghaniya.

It could be asserted that, by the start of year 1200 AD, the almohad caliph isn't exactly the most popular person in the Southwestern Mediterranean.

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  • 30 lords

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  • 28 captains

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  • Castles:
  • Villages:

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Europe 1200 for MaB Warband Almohad Caliphate Faction Feature

Europe 1200 for MaB Warband Almohad Caliphate Faction Feature

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