Bulgarian Tsardom
Capital Tarnovgrad
Ruler Tsar Kaloyan
Claimant None
Culture(s) Bulgarian, Vlach and Cuman
Bulgaria 1200
Approximate area of the Bulgarian Tsardom around AD 1200 [1].

The Bulgarian Tsardom is a faction in Europe 1200.

Background Edit

The Bulgarian Tsardom, also known as Kingdom of Vlachs and Bulgarians to its Western contemporaries or as Second Bulgarian Empire in the modern historical literature, is the descendant of the First Bulgarian Empire, which fell under Byzantine rule in 1018. After several eventually failed rebellions, the country was liberated by the uprising of Petar and Asen in 1185-1186, with the help of the local Vlachs and the Cuman allies from modern Romania. The newly-liberated country managed to gain a decisive victory against the Byzantine imperial forces at the battle of the Tryavna Pass in 1190 and between 1186 and 1196 it had managed to free the lands from Belgrad in the west and Prosek in the south-west to Preslavets in the north-east. In 1196, however, Tsar Asen was killed by his cousin Ivanko, who tried to take the throne in Tarnovgrad, but failed and fled to Constantinople. The senior tsar, Petar IV, was murdered the next year by unknown conspirators and the crown was inherited by their youngest brother, Kaloyan. In order to strengthen his position against the Byzantines, Tsar Kaloyan concluded an alliance with Ivanko, who had by then created his own autonomous realm, and subdued the treacherous lord Dobromir Hris in the Macedonian lands.

Politics Edit

The Bulgarian Tsardom is ruled by Tsar Kaloyan.

At the starting point of the game, the Bulgarian Tsardom is at war with the Empire of the Romans. In the near future, Bulgaria will likely wage war against the factions near its territory: the Kingdom of Hungary, the Grand Principality of Serbia, the Principality of the Rhodopes, the Principality of Arber, the Kingdom of Sicily and the Cuman khanates.

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Armies Edit

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