Konrad von Zollern is a lord of the Holy Roman Empire and the Burgrave of Nuremberg/Nürnberg, one of the empirial cities of the HRE.

He is a supporter of King Philip of Swabia.

His brother Friedrich is the Lord of the castle of Hohenzollern.

Historic background:Edit

Konrad von Zollern, (* around 1186; † around 1260/1261). He was a descendant of the House of Hohenzollern, one of the most eminent Dynasties in Germany. Later on the descendants of the family would become the rulers of Brandenburg and Prussia. The ancestral seat of the family is in Swabia, about 250 km from Nuremberg. The family came to power over Nuremberg in 1191 by the marriage of Konrad's father Frederik with the last desendant of the former rulers over Nuremberg, Sophia von Raabs.

Konrad was married to Adelheid von Frontenhausen.

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