Castillian Caballero Villano
Castillian Caballero Villano
Troop info
Culture Castillian
Troop tree Rural
Wage 26 denars
Upgrade cost 40 denars
Upgrades from Castillian Horseman
Upgrades to None
Level 19
Attributes STR 12 • AGI 9 • INT 10 • CHA 8
Ironflesh 3
Power Strike 3
Shield 4
Riding 5
Proficiencies 155 (all)

Castillian Caballeros Villanos are high tier troops of the Castillian rural troop tree. As their name suggest, they're mounted soldiers usually equipped with spears, small one-handed weapons, heater or kite shields and padded leather and/or mail armor.

Castillian Caballeros Villanos are the highest tier unit in the cavalry branch of their troop tree. While being no match to high tier noble knights, they provide a pretty competent medium cavalry. Do not expect them to handle a long bitter fight against heavy infantry, but can be used effectively to flank infantry formations and hunt down enemy light cavalry.

Behind the scenes Edit

Caballero Villano is a spanish expression which can be translated as "villain knight" or "villain horseman" (that is, a soldier who fights on horseback and comes from a villa). The Caballeros Villanos appeared following the concession of fueros (charters) in Castille and Leon, privileges granted to certain villages or towns by their regional lord or the king himself. In exchange of those privileges, the villages had to provide military assitance to the lord/king: infantry (peons) and cavalry (caballeros villanos). The second ones were usually the denizens wealthy enough to afford a horse. Caballeros Villanos played an important role in castillian and leonese armies through all the Reconquista.

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