Castillian Loricatus
Castillian Loricatus
Troop info
Culture Castillian
Troop tree Urban
Wage 16 denars
Upgrade cost 40 denars
Upgrades from Castillian Swordman
Upgrades to None
Level 19
Attributes STR 10 • AGI 15 • INT 7 • CHA 7
Ironflesh 4
Power Strike 5
Shield 5
Proficiencies 155 (all)

Castillian Loricatus are high tier troops of the Castillian urban troop tree. They're usually equipped with one-handed swords, kite shields and padded mail armor.

Castillian Loricatus are the highest tier unit in their entire troop tree. While their quality cannot compare to high tier professional or noble troops, they can be considered a humble but tough and competent frontline unit, and not as expensive to maintain as the more elite infantry soldiers from other troop trees.

Notes Edit

Loricatus means "[man] clothed in mail" in Latin[1].

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