Castillian Page
Castillian Page
Troop info
Culture Castillian
Troop tree Noble
Wage 9 denars
Upgrade cost None
Upgrades from None
Upgrades to Castillian Squire
Level 11
Attributes STR 10 • AGI 8 • INT 6 • CHA 7
Ironflesh 2
Power Strike 2
Shield 2
Riding 3
Proficiencies 120 (all)

Castillian Pages are the lowest tier troops of the Castillian noble troop tree, and therefore one of the most basic soldiers among the elite units of the Kingdom of Castille. They are mounted soldiers usually equipped with spears, small one-handed swords, kite shields and light armor.

Castillian Pages can be recruited - for a fee of 200 denars - from any castle of castillian culture from the very moment the player becomes a lord of any faction (the player's own kingdom included), which are the following: Aranda, Ávila, Calahorra, Carrión, Cuenca, Gormaz, Guadalajara, Madrid, Madrigal, Molina, Nájera, Palencia, Sandoval, Santa Yllana, Sigüenza, Soria, Valladolid, Vizcaya.

Unlike towns and villages, the culture of a castle does change when it's conquered by a different faction, so the castles above will not be the only place where Castillian Pages can be recruited if Castille conquers more castles. Also, if some of those castles are conquered by another faction, Castillian Pages will be replaced (as recruitable soldiers) by the lowest tier troop of the new owner's noble troop tree.

In the case Castille is completely wiped out of the map, Castillian Pages will no longer be available to be recruited anywhere.

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