Castillian Veteran Crossbow Militia
Castillian Veteran Crossbow Militia
Troop info
Culture Castillian
Troop tree Urban
Wage 5 denars
Upgrade cost 20 denars
Upgrades from Castillian Crossbow Militia
Upgrades to None
Level 11
Attributes STR 10 • AGI 6 • INT 6 • CHA 9
Ironflesh 3
Power Strike 2
Shield 1
Proficiencies 110 (all)

Castillian Veteran Crossbow Militiamen are mid tier troops of the Castillian urban troop tree. As their name implies, they're usually equiped with crossbows and bolts, spears, small one-handed weapons and light armor. They are the highest tier unit in the ranged infantry branch of their urban troop tree.