County of Toulouse
Capital Tolosa
Ruler Count Raimon de Tolosa
Claimant None
Culture(s) French
Approximate area of the County of Toulouse in AD 1200 [1].

The County of Toulouse is a faction in Europe 1200.

Background Edit

Catharism is a doctrine professing the separation of the material and the spiritual existences. It conflicts with the orthodox confession. Toulouse was reached by this doctrine too. Called "heretics", the Cathars found a strong audience in the south of France, and during the 12th century. Simon de Montfort tried to exterminate them. The orthodox White Brotherhood pursued the hereticals Blacks in the streets of the city. The abbot of Foulques took advantage of this because the heretics were his creditors, and encouraged this inquisition. Some people joined the white fighters, others chose to assist the besieged population. The consuls did not wish to encourage the division of Toulouse, and defied the pontifical authority, refusing to identify the heretics. Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse, a Catholic, who was excommunicated for his dispute with the pope, later sympathised with the heretics because he saw the crusade take an unholy path with the extermination at Bézier.

Politics Edit

The County of Toulouse is ruled by Count Raimon de Tolosa.

At the starting point of the game, the County of Toulouse is at war with the Kingdom of France. In the near future, Toulouse will likely wage war against ...  

Count Raimon de Tolosa, ruler of County of Toulouse

Lords Edit

  • Bishop Guilhem de Peire
  • Prince Guilhèm dels Baus
  • Prince Peire Bermond d'Andusa
  • Count Aymar de Peitieus
  • Count Bernat de Comenge
  • Count Raimon Roger de Foix
  • Count Ucs de Rodès
  • Count Centols d'Astarac
  • Viscount Bernat de Tolosa
  • Viscount Raimon Roger Trencavel
  • Viscount Roger Trencavel
  • Viscount Aimerics de Lara
  • Baron Bernats Jordan de l'Isla
  • Sire Guilhelm de Montpelher
  • Sire Gerard Aymar de Monteil
  • Sire Dragonet de Mondragon
  • Geraut Trancaleon d'Armagnac
  • Pons Amaniers de Madaillan

Territory Edit

  • TownsTolosa
  • Castles: Auch, Valença, Sant Gaudens, Albi, Carcassona, Foix, Beziers, Rodès, Monpelher, Milhau, Aurenja, Montauban, Marmanda, Menda, Andusa, Astarac, L'isla de Bais, Montbrison.
  • Villages: Muret, La Vaur, Bruniquel, Montesquiu, Saint Lizier, Galhac, Limós, Andorra, Narbona, Castres, Carlat, Lodeva, Montlaur, Monteil, Cahors, Agen, Marvejols, Alès, Leitora, Roanne

Armies Edit

Rural troop tree Edit

Urban troop tree Edit

Professional troop tree Edit


Noble troop tree Edit

Notes Edit


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