Despot Aleksii Slav
Faction Bulgarian Tsardom
Role Lord
Fief(s) Sredets

Despot Aleksii Slav is a vassal of the Bulgarian Tsardom.

Historical Background Edit

Aleksii Slav was first mentioned after the death of Tsar Kaloyan in 1207 as a claimant to the vacant Bulgarian throne. He is a nephew of Kaloyan, believed to be a son of one of his sisters, although there's also the hypothesis that he was a son of Tsar Petar IV, Kaloyan's oldest brother and first ruler of the newly restored Bulgarian Tsardom. After Kaloyan's death, Aleksii Slav eventually lost the battle for the crown with his cousin Boril and thus seceded and became an autonomous lord of his lands in the Western Rhodopean Mountains. In 1208 he concluded an alliance against Boril with the Latin Emperor Henry of Flanders, who gave him the title of Despot and married him to one of his daughters. In 1212 he conquered the stronghold of Melnik and moved his capital there. In the following years he took different sides in the conflicts (sometimes with the Latins, sometimes with the Bulgarians and sometimes with the Epirotes) and kept his autonomy. The last information about Aleksii Slav is from the 1230s, and it is believed that in those times his realms became re-incorporated in the Bulgarian Tsardom after Tsar Ioan Asen II's victory at Klokotnitsa. An inscription on a seal-ring from those times suggests that the old Aleksii Slav might have then became "stolnik tsarev" of his cousin, i.e. main supervisor, responsible for the foods on the royal table.

The fact that Aleksii Slav was one of the main pretenders for the Bulgarian throne, able to inflict serious damage against Boril in 1207-1208, suggests that he must've held an important position in the state even before Kaloyan's death. This is further supported by his following actions and behaviour (he claimed before Henry to have been very rich, noble and respected in Bulgaria), as well as by the treatment he received from the Latin emperor, who gave him his daughter for a wife and promised to help him reclaim the throne of Tarnovo.

Some more information about him can be found on his Wikipedia page.

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