Don Diego López de Haro
Faction Kingdom of Castille
Role Lord
Fief(s) Vizcaya
San Sebastián

Don Diego López de Haro is a vassal of the Kingdom of Castille and lord of the castle of Vizcaya and the village of San Sebastián.

Diego is the son of Lady Aldonza Rodríguez. He has a brother (Don Lope López de Haro) and two sisters (Lady Mencia López de Haro and Lady Urraca López de Haro), and is the father of Princess Teresa Díaz de Haro, Lady María Díaz de Haro and Lady Urraca Díaz de Haro. Also, he's non-blood related to Don Rodrigo Díaz de los Cameros (married to one of his daughters) and to Lady María d'Urgell (his brother's wife).

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