Emperor Otto
Faction Holy Roman Empire
Role Ruler
Fief(s) Braunschweig

Emperor Otto is the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.

Historical Background Edit

Otto IV. von Braunschweig, 1175 - 1218, from the House of Welf is the emperor and ruler of the Holy Roman Empire in the game. Though most of the German sovereigns are supporting his rival King Philip von Hohenstaufen who also claims to be the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

The King of the Holy Roman Empire was elected by Palsgraves and Bishops within the Empire. But only the Pope in Rome could announce the Emperor. Pope Innocent III had to decide between two kings, due to infighting in the Empire and did it to the favour of Otto (also to push his own interests in Italy).

Otto was also strongly supportet by his uncle Richard the Lionheart and later by King John Lackland the king of England.

Because his father Henry the Lion had to go into exile, Otto grew up in the English territory of England and France.

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Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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