Europe 1200 is a historically accurate Mount & Blade mod that, as the name says, takes place in Europe, in the year AD 1200. More than 40 factions wage war against each other in order to achieve domination and power. Join them or establish your own kingdom, and become king of all Europe.[1]

Details Edit

There are currently two versions of the mod: one for the Mount & Blade game (released in 2008) and another one, still a BETA, for the Mount & Blade: Warband expansion (released in 2010). The first version, in an almost finished state, and the second one are not the same mod, as the Warband version is a much more ambitious project, with a map about three times the size of its predecessor, a lot more settlements and characters and new features, like naval travel and warfare and unique quests.

Features Edit

Europe 1200 Warband[2] Edit

  • Most detailed map that you have probably ever seen of medieval Europe. A medium faction has ~55 settlements.
  • Never seen before tournament system. Become a noble, join a team, and fight hard fights for money and renown against teams of other nobles.
  • Big, one-time quests, based on historical events.
  • 4 (in some cases 3) unique troop trees for each faction to represent all social layers in the medieval world.
  • Optimized performance to make the mod run smooth (we don't guarantee anything, but we're doing our best to make the mod run even on older machines).
  • Biggest map in M&B history.
  • Fully functional naval travel and warfare - go anywhere by sea. Lords, bandits, caravans, everyone uses it. It can be advantegous since you travel 80% faster on water.
  • Orders as factions - fight along Aviz, Calatrava, Saint George, or Santiago.
  • Tons of new items, mainly armours.
  • Unique, and historical accurate banner for each lord (WIP).
  • Never seen before, optional, manpower system.
  • Campaign balance on a whole new level, with newly introduced warparties. A faction doesn't have to be weak just because we couldn't find many lords for them.
  • Correct family relations for everyone, and historical liking/dislikings for the lords (WIP). The Native family system has also been extended a bit.

References Edit

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