Factions in Europe 1200 represent the various and diverse kingdoms, republics, duchies and other political and territorial entities which existed in Europe during the mod's timeframe. Despite the obvious political differences between all these kinds of states, all of them are represented (more or less) as feudal monarchies in the mod due to the game engine limitations. Each faction consists of:

  • A ruler, the supreme leader of the faction.
  • A marshall in charge of commanding the military campaigns.
  • A certain amount of landlords, all of them with their fiefs, families, ambitions and grudges.
  • A certain amount of captains, who represent minor lords who have little political influx but still fulfill their military duties to their rulers.

Some rulers have a stronger claim to their positions than others. Certain rulers may have to deal with opposing claimants, who depending on their situation will try to attain what they believe to be rightfully theirs by different means and strategies.

List of current factions[1] in Europe 1200 Edit

* not featured at the beginning of the game, must be created by the player via quest.

Planned to be added in the future Edit

Notes Edit

The listed above are the factions included in the current release of the Warband port. More factions are likely to be introduced as the mod is still in a development stage. Factions featured in the old Mount & Blade version are detailed in the correspondent article.

References Edit

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