Troop info
Culture Castillian
Troop tree Noble
Wage 40 denars
Upgrade cost 80 denars
Upgrades from Infanzon
Upgrades to Castillian Knight
Level 24
Attributes STR 16 • AGI 11 • INT 8 • CHA 9
Ironflesh 4
Power Strike 4
Shield 6
Riding 5
Proficiencies 175 (all)

Fidalgos are mid-high tier troops of the Castillian noble troop tree. They are mounted soldiers usually equipped with heraldic lances, one-handed swords, heater cavalry shields and mail armor with tabards.

Behind the scenes Edit

Fidalgo is a word originated in the christian hispanic kingdoms around the XII century. It's an evolved and contracted form of fijodalgo (lit. "son of something"), with algo implying "wealth"; therefore, the true meaning is close to "rich man" (very similar to the catalano-aragonese ric home). The term eventually transformed into spanish "hidalgo", but was kept as "fidalgo" in both galician and portuguese (although with different connotations).

In any case, most Fidalgos were minor nobles who enjoyed pretty modest rents and properties, usually as vassals who administered a estate of the wealthier high nobility; still, they were exempt from paying taxes... but consequently were obliged to answer their masters' calls to arms at any time they were required to.

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