Grand Knight of Santiago
Santiago knight
Troop info
Culture Order of Santiago
Troop tree Noble
Wage 280 denars
Upgrade cost 160 denars
Upgrades from Knight of Santiago
Upgrades to none
Level 36
Attributes STR 21 • AGI 16 • INT 10 • CHA 10
Ironflesh 9
Power Strike 8
Shield 6
Riding 7
Proficiencies 230 (all)

Grand Knights of Santiago are the top-tier troops of the Santiago noble troop tree, and therefore the top warriors among Santiago armies as well. They are heavy mounted soldiers equipped with lances, one-handed swords, heater cavalry shields and surcoat-over-mail armor.

Grand Knights of Santiago are, alongside Grand Knights of the other military orders, some of the toughest soldiers in the whole Europe 1200 scene - to the point of even slightly outclassing top-tier knights of the 'normal' factions. They take long and are costly to train, and also expensive to maintain, but they make up for it by being the best cavalry unit the Order of Santiago can provide. Grand Knights are true melee powerhouses and excellent horsemen; their armored mounts are very resistant and allow them to virtually steamroll enemy infantry and break their lines with relative ease. A large force of Grand Knights can be a nightmare to their master's purse, but also cause havoc among his/her enemies in the battlefield.

Gallery Edit

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