Great Voivode Manastar
Faction Bulgarian Tsardom
Role Lord
Fief(s) Nikopol
Mali Nikopol
Malo Yorgovo

Great Voivode Manastar is a vassal of the Bulgarian Tsardom.

Historical Background Edit

The Great Voivode Manastar is believed to have been a Cuman warlord, who was close to Tsar Kaloyan and was appointed as a Great Voivode (main commander of the army after the tsar; or a "marshal" in Mount & Blade terms) of the Bulgarian state. Not much is known about him.

Popular belief connects him with the death of Tsar Kaloyan in 1207 before the walls of Thessaloniki - according to one of the primary sources, the night before the first assault on the city, Kaloyan was struck down with a spear. Before he died on the following day, the agonizing Kaloyan claimed Manastar had entered his tent during the night, riding his white horse, and struck him with the spear. This has led a number of historians and novelists to claim that Manastar was a part of a conspiracy, led by Sevastokrator Boril and Kaloyan's Cuman wife, Tsaritsa Anna, who soon thereafter married Boril - supposedly an usurper to the throne. A more careful analysis of the sources, however, would suggest that Kaloyan would have rather died from natural causes, like pleurisy, and his accusations against Manastar would have been caused by a delirium.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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