Highlander Pikeman
Highlander Pikeman
Troop info
Culture Highlander
Troop tree Rural
Wage 10 denars
Upgrade cost 40 denars
Upgrades from Highlander Freeman
Upgrades to none
Level 15
Attributes STR 11 • AGI 9 • INT 6 • CHA 9
Ironflesh 4
Power Strike 5
Proficiencies 120 (all)

Highlander Pikemen are high tier troops of the Highlander rural troop tree. They are usually equipped with long pikes, throwing darts and mail armor. They're also the highest tier unit in their entire troop tree, on pair with Highlander Axemen, and specially effective at forming good defensive formations against light or medium enemy cavalry, but don't expect them to resist tough and prolonged melee combats against better geared and disciplined infantries.