Hired Blade
Hired Blade
Troop info
Culture Commoners
Troop tree Mercenary
Wage 66 denars
Upgrade cost 160 denars
Upgrades from Mercenary Veteran Swordsman
Upgrades to None
Level 30
Attributes STR 17 • AGI 14 • INT 11 • CHA 8
Ironflesh 8
Power Strike 6
Shield 7
Proficiencies 200 (all)

Hired Blades are the top tier infantry troops of the mercenary troop tree. As their name implies, they are equipped with swords, kite and heater shields and high quality mail or scale armor.

Hired Blades are tough guys. While their wages can become a problem to a modest purse, they provide extremely reliable melee fighters. They are the pinnacle of mercenary infantry, very well equipped soldiers able to handle themselves in the tightest situations, specially in sieges where they become a cheaper but equally competent unit if compared to high-level knights.

Unlike "veteran" mercenaries, Hired Blades can be directly found and recruited in taverns. They can also be obtained by upgrading them from Mercenary Veteran Swordsmen.

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