Holy Roman Empire
Capital Nürnberg
Ruler Emperor Otto
Claimant None
Culture(s) German
Approximate area of the Holy Roman Empire around the year 1200 [1].

The Holy Roman Empire is a faction in Europe 1200.

Background Edit

Former Emperor Henry the VI had recently died unexpected in Sicily and his son Frederik II is only three years old and too young to call for his right for the throne.

Elected as the country's new ruler was Otto IV. of Brunswick, whose regency is backed by Pope Innocent III.

But his legitimation is questioned by some and the Holy Roman Empire faces a civil war.

Because another man besides Otto claims to become the new German Emperor: Philip of Swabia. Both of them are supported by rival groups within the Holy Roman Empire. A rivalry that also stands for the struggle of territorial and political interests and influence of France, supporting Philip and England supporting Otto. Pope Innocent III somehow is waiting for his chance to minimize the Empire's influence in Italy.

Politics Edit

The Holy Roman Empire is ruled by Emperor Otto.

At the starting point of the game, the Holy Roman Empire is at war with the Kingdom of Denmark and the Lombard League. In the near future, the Empire will likely wage war against Tuscan League

Lords Edit

Territory Edit

Armies Edit

Rural troop tree Edit

There are five different recruitable ethnic groups in the Holy Roman Empire's area to recruit from in the rural troop tree:

  1. Bavarian rural troops
  2. Franconian rural troops
  3. Rhenish
  4. Saxon rural troops
  5. Swabian

Urban troop tree Edit

There are five different recruitable ethnic groups in the Holy Roman Empire's area to recruit from in the urban troops tree:

  1. Bavarian
  2. Franconian
  3. Rhenish
  4. Saxon
  5. Swabian

Those ethnic groups have some differences in the high level troops:

Militia Spearman Veteran Militia Spearman Swordsman / Pikeman Loricatus
Militia <
Crossbow Militia Veteran Crossbow Militia

Professional troop tree Edit

Solidarius Seargant Clipeatus Man at Arms
Crossbowman Veteran Crossbowman Mounted Crossbowman

Noble troop tree Edit

Page Knecht Einschildig Ministerialis Knight Miles Electus

Notes Edit


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