Troop info
Culture Castillian
Troop tree Noble
Wage 26 denars
Upgrade cost 40 denars
Upgrades from Castillian Squire
Upgrades to Fidalgo
Level 19
Attributes STR 12 • AGI 10 • INT 8 • CHA 9
Ironflesh 4
Power Strike 4
Shield 4
Riding 4
Proficiencies 155 (all)

Infanzones are mid tier troops of the Castillian noble troop tree. They are mounted soldiers usually equipped with spears, small one-handed swords, heater cavalry shields and mail armor with tabards.

Behind the scenes Edit

A infanzón was a certain type of hidalgo among the iberian nobility during the Middle and Modern Ages: a hidalgo de sangre ("noble by blood", that is, someone who belongs to nobility due to being born in a family that has maintained a noble status allegedly since ancient times). Therefore, infanzones were the nobles with a strongest claim on their own noble condition, specially after access to nobility was more or less regulated during the XII Century: the class of infanzón was closed to anyone who had not been born as such (even the king could make knights but not hidalgos), with the only exception of being appointed as a "noble by privilege" by the monarch and then waiting three generations to see your grandson become a full "noble by blood" on his own right.

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