Kingdom of Castille
Castille banner
Capital Toledo
Ruler King Alfonso the Noble
Claimant None
Culture(s) Castillian
Approximate area of Kingdom of Castille (orange) in the iberian context, 1200 AD[1].

The Kingdom of Castille is a faction in Europe 1200.

Background Edit

After the division of the kingdoms of Castille and Leon between Alfonso VII's two sons in 1157, Castille has struggled to consolidate its position as one of the entities with most potential in the Reconquista scene. Alfonso VIII, crowned in 1170 and married to Leonor Plantagenet (sister of Richard Lionheart and John Lackland), has tried to both strengthen his kingdom among the different christian hispanic states and continue the war against the Almohad Empire. He spent the first years of his reign quite busy recovering the territories lost during his minority age. After that matter was settled, he took the initiative in the Reconquista to ally the mayor christian kingdoms in the peninsula against the Almohads, signing the Treaty of Cazola in 1179 with the aragonese king, but persistent border tensions and his strong personal rivalry with King Alfonso IX of Leon prevented Castille from getting a truly solid support from the other christian factions.

Alfonso's acomplishments against the Almohads were abruptly stopped due to his heavy defeat at the Battle of Alarcos (1195). Recent castillian progress towards the south was lost and almohad forces would invade the Tagus Valley several times in the following years, besieging Madrid, Toledo and Guadalajara without success. By 1200, Alfonso strives to recover from Alarcos and get back to an offensive strategy.

Politics Edit


King Alfonso VIII the Noble, ruler of Castille.

The Kingdom of Castille is ruled by King Alfonso VIII the Noble. By 1200, he has no rightful male heir.

Order of Calatrava is a subordinate faction of Castille, and will always aid King Alfonso in his military enterprises.

At the starting point of the game, the Kingdom of Castille is at war with the Almohad Caliphate and the Kingdom of Navarre. In the near future, Castille will also likely wage war against the Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Leon due to territorial proximity.

Lords Edit

Captains Edit

Territory Edit

Castille ingame map

Kingdom of Castille (yellow).

Kingdom of Castille is a medium-sized faction that occupies a northern-central region of the Iberian Peninsula. It shares borders with Kingdom of Leon to the west, the Almohad Caliphate to the south and the Kingdom of Navarre and the Crown of Aragon to the east. The term "Castille" defines an arid plateau frontier protected with numerous castles (castillos), hence the name.

Castille's capital is the city of Toledo; such status is recent, since between 1162 and 1166 it was conquered and ruled by Leon, during the tumultuous minority of Alfonso VIII. Its other towns are Burgos and Segovia.

Armies Edit

Rural troop tree Edit

Castillian Caballero Villano mounted

Caballero Villano.

Urban troop tree Edit

Professional troop tree Edit

Montero Real

Montero Real.

Noble troop tree Edit

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Teaser video (by Revan Shan) Edit

Europe 1200 for MaB Warband Kingdom of Castille Faction Feature00:52

Europe 1200 for MaB Warband Kingdom of Castille Faction Feature

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