Lord Damjan Juda
D damjan
Faction Republic of Ragusa
Role Lord
Fief(s) Mercenary Camp South

Lord Damjan Juda is a vassal of the Republic of Ragusa.

Historical Background Edit

Damjan Juda (Latin: Damiani de Juda) was a nobleman, and later Prince (Knez/Comes) of Ragusa, ruling roughly from 1201 to 1205.

Damjan usurped the Prince's title from Prince Dobroslav, and during his reign, he was known for his hubris and excessive ambition. Because of it, he made a lot of enemies - mostly from the seaside towns of the Eastern Adriatic, who asked help from the Republic of Venice. The call was heard by Tomasso Morosini, who was travelling to Constantinople, as the newly elected Patriarch. He came to Dubrovnik, and pretending courtesy, called Prince Damjan to come to his ship. However, it was a trick, and when Damjan came, he was captured. Unable to bear the shame, and fearing his life as a prisoner, Damjan hit his head on the ship's mast, killing himself. Dubrovnik then came under the rule of the Republic of Venice, which would last until 1358.

Damjan had three sons: Trifun, Grada and Lukar (Trifonus, Grade and Lucarus), all notable figures from the XIII century Ragusa.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

He has no family members in the game.

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