Mercenary Swordsman
Mercenary Swordsman
Troop info
Culture Commoners
Troop tree Mercenary
Wage 24 denars
Upgrade cost 40 denars
Upgrades from Caravan Guard
Ragusan Veteran Solidarius
Upgrades to Mercenary Veteran Swordsman
Level 20
Attributes STR 14 • AGI 11 • INT 9 • CHA 6
Ironflesh 4
Power Strike 4
Shield 4
Proficiencies 150 (all)

Mercenary Swordsmen are mid tier troops of the mercenary troop tree. As their name implies, they are equipped with swords, kite and heater shields and mail armor.

Mercenary Swordsmen can be found - available to be recruited by the player - in taverns. They also can be upgraded from both Caravan Guards and Ragusan Veteran Solidarii.

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