Montero Real
Montero Real
Troop info
Culture Castillian
Troop tree Professional
Wage 24 denars
Upgrade cost 80 denars
Upgrades from Young Montero
Upgrades to none
Level 24
Attributes STR 16 • AGI 11 • INT 8 • CHA 9
Ironflesh 6
Power Strike 6
Shield 8
Athletics 2
Proficiencies 195 (all)

Monteros Reales are high tier troops of the Castillian professional troop tree. They are usually equipped with small one-handed swords, kite shields and heraldic armor.

Monteros Reales are the highest tier unit in the infantry branch of their professional troop tree. While not having the endurance of more heavily armoured elite units, they are highly skilled soldiers who move fast and hit pretty hard, resulting particularly hazardous in narrow places where a reduced motion range can become a serious hassle for heavier and slower troops.

Behind the scenes Edit

Also called Monteros de cámara ("chamber monteros") or Monteros de Espinosa, Monteros were the personal bodyguards of the kings of Castille. The unit's foundation has a legendary bias, allegedly instituted by Count Sancho García in the early XI century (when Castille was just a county) after one of his squires uncovered an assasination plot against him. The count awarded the squire a title and properties in Espinosa, granting him and his descendants the assignment of serving as guard escorts of Castille's rulers.

As depicted in the mod, Monteros didn't wear heavy armor or weaponry, since their commitment was to escort the king (previously the count) outside of the battlefield. Therefore, they were specialized in melee combat in narrow places and employed light equipment to ensure a fast response to any inmediate threat. Monteros remained in the position of royal guards through various dynasties of castillian (and later spanish) kings until the XX century.