Troop info
Culture Andalusian
Troop tree Rural
Wage 1 denar
Upgrade cost None
Upgrades from None
Upgrades to Ghuzat or
Andalusian Skirmisher
Level 4
Attributes STR 9 • AGI 5 • INT 6 • CHA 4
Proficiencies 80 (all)

Mutatawwia are the lowest tier troops of the Andalusian rural troop tree, and therefore one of the most basic soldiers available for armies of the Almohad Caliphate. They are usually equipped with small one-handed axes, spears and light armor.

Mutatawwia can be recruited - for a fee of 10 denars - from any village of andalusian culture, which are the following:

Remember: the culture of a settlement doesn't change if it's conquered by other faction, or even if the original holding faction is destroyed. You'll be able to recruit Mutatawwia from the villages above at any point of the game (except when they have just been raided, of course).

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