Prince Dobroslav
D dobroslav
Faction Republic of Ragusa
Role Ruler
Fief(s) Dubrovnik
Mercenary Camp North

Prince Dobroslav is the ruler of the Republic of Ragusa.

Historical Background Edit

Dobroslav (Latin: Dobroli) was the Prince (Knez/Comes) of Ragusa, ruling the town of Dubrovnik from 1199 (or 1197) to 1201.

His last name (and therefore, his father's name) is not certain, because there are at least two Dobroslavs present in that period - Zalenga and Pruglović (Proculi), bot members of the notable Ragusan noble families. Dobroslav's rule ended by Lord Damjan Juda's usurping of the title, possibly around the year 1201-2.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

He has no family members in the game.

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