Prince Kotroman
B kotroman
Faction Banate of Bosnia
Role Lord
Fief(s) Kučevo

Prince Kotroman is a vassal of the Banate of Bosnia.

Historical Background Edit

Kotroman was a Prince (or Count) of Bosnia, and also an alleged ancestor of the House of Kotromanić.

He came to Bosnia during the final ruling years of Borić, Ban of Bosnia. In 1162, a civil war started in Hungary, between a nephew and an uncle - István III, and István IV. The anti-Byzantine coalition, led by István III, eventually won, after which an attack was launched on Bosnia, because Ban Borić supported the opposing side. Leading the attack was a German knight called Gottfried, and with him also came one nobleman, called Kotroman (Latin: Comes Cotromanus). When the work was succesfully completed, Gottfried returned home, while it seems that Kotroman remained in Bosnia, where he probably got certain fiefs from King István III.

Another mention of Kotroman can be found in one charter from 1163 (which he signed), in which King István III regulated the benefits for the Church of Split. Ragusan sources call him with the name Goth, which might imply his Germanic origins.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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