Prince Krnje
S druzina
Faction Grand Principality of Serbia
Role Lord
Fief(s) Maglič

Prince Krnje is a vassal of the Grand Principality of Serbia.

Historical Background Edit

Krnje, was a Prince (Župan) of Serbia, probably ruling an area in Travunia, Trebinje, or even Blagaj.

In the village of Aranđelovo, lies an Orthodox church dedicated to Saint Archangel Michael, and on the left jamb of the church is an inscription saying: On the 13th of September, on the eve of the Feast of the Cross, died God's servant Georgije, called Župan Krnje. Georgije (Georgius) was the name that Krnje got after becoming a monk (a common practice among the nobility at the time).

Another inscription is found in the church of the Virgin Mary, in the village of Vidoštak, near Stolac, where it is written that: God's servant Georgije died in the year 1231. It is assumed that this Georgije is the same one as Prince Krnje-Georgije.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

He has no family members in the game.

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