Prince Mavro Andrijić
S mavro
Faction Grand Principality of Serbia
Role Lord
Fief(s) Brskovo

Prince Mavro Andrijić is a vassal of the Grand Principality of Serbia.

Historical Background Edit

Mavro Andrijić (Latin: Maurus filius Andree Cazafrangi) was a Prince (Župan) of Serbia, probably ruling an area in Zeta or Travunia, while his residence might have been the town of Kotor.

In 1190, following the Serbian loss at the Battle of Morava against the Roman Empire, Miroslav of Hum sent Mavro and Srđa (Sergius) on the emissary mission to Dubrovnik. The goal of the mission was to negotiate a safe refuge for Miroslav and his family in that town, if they come in danger due to the Byzantine victory. The negotiations were succesful, but Miroslav never went to refuge, because the outcome of the battle only cemented the Serbian independence, while the Romans gained very little of it.

Mavro had a wife called Dobrana (Bona), daughter of Prior Vasilije (prioris Basilius) and together, they built a church in Kotor, dedicated to St. Lucas, in the year 1195.

In 1197 and 1200, Mavro was mentioned as one of the leading representatives of the people of Kotor, during the stewardships of Bogdan and Desimir, Princes of Kotor. He and the other notable Kotorans were members of the town council, known as Judges, who were appointed by the town Prince to decide on important matters.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

Lady Buona Dobrana (wife) --- not yet added in the mod

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