Prince Prvoslav Tihomirović
S prvoslav
Faction Grand Principality of Serbia
Role Lord
Fief(s) Zvečan

Prince Prvoslav Tihomirović is a vassal of the Grand Principality of Serbia.

Historical Background Edit

Stefan Prvoslav Tihomirović was a Prince (Župan) of Serbia, ruling the lands of Budimlje (present day Northeastern Montenegro).

He was born before 1171 as a son of the Serbian Grand Prince Tihomir, and died in 1220. He was buried in the church of the Đurđevi Stupovi monastery, which he built.

Despite the fact that Prvoslav's father was killed at the Battle of Pantino, fighting against his brother Stefan Nemanja, it seems that there wasn't any quarrel between the now fatherless nephew and the newly crowned uncle, because Prvoslav gained a piece of land to rule, and continued doing that until his passing.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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