Prince Stefan Kulinović
B stefan
Faction Banate of Bosnia
Role Lord
Fief(s) Greben

Prince Stefan Kulinović is a vassal of the Banate of Bosnia.

Historical Background Edit

Stefan Kulinović (also Stjepan and Stevan) was a Ban of Bosnia from 1204 to 1232, succeding his father Ban Kulin.

In 1221, Pope Honorius III called András, King of Hungary, to wage a Crusade against the heretics of Bosnia, because their religion spread greatly, not only in Bosnia, but to the other Western states as well. However, András was too busy with his inner conflicts, so he could not do anything.

However, in 1225, by the Pope's edict, Bosnia was transferred to Bishop Ugrin Csák's suzeiranity, and so he dispatched János Angelo of Srem, the nephew of the Hungarian King and a Byzantine, to lead a military campaign against Bosnia. When he saw the danger, Ban Stefan became a faithful Catholic and started prosecuting the Bosnian heretics. But, in 1232, when a disorder caught Hungary, Stefan was deposed of the throne by the people of Bosnia who supported their Church.

Stefan and his wife had one son, Sibislav, who din't inherit the throne of Bosnia (Matej Ninoslav did), but ruled as the Prince of Usora.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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