Prince Toljen Miroslavljević
S toljen
Faction Grand Principality of Serbia
Role Lord
Fief(s) Ston

Prince Toljen Miroslavljević is a vassal of the Grand Principality of Serbia.

Historical Background Edit

Toljen Miroslavljević was a Prince (Knez) of Serbia, ruling an area of Hum, after inheriting the title from his father - Prince Miroslav, who was a brother of the Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja.

He was betrothed on July 27th 1189 to a daughter of Marquis Berthold von Andechs, Duke of Meran and Istria, and his wife Agnes von Wettin. The betrothal was arranged by the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa to seal good relations with the Serbs, while he was passing through Serbia as the leader of the Third Crusade. Although there are some who claim that the marriage eventually never came to be, some say that they did marry, and had one son - Toljen II, who ruled as a Prince in Hum from 1227 to 1239.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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