Right to rule (R2R) is a general measure of the prestige of the player's own faction: not an already existing faction who hires the player as a mercenary or accepts him/her as a vassal, but a newly established faction created and ruled by the player him/herself.

Right to rule works in a pretty straightforward way: the more you have, the more 'legal' and prestigious your faction will be considered among the nobility of Europe. If you have a high R2R value, other lords will likely see you as a true ruler and the task of convincing them to join your ranks will be much easier. But if you have a low value, you'll be considered as little more than a petty usurper or a renegade madman, so other factions will be much more prone to attack your lands and making peace with them will be a lot more difficult.

The starting value of R2R is obviously 0, since the player is a newcomer in the political and military game that engulfes Europe. There are various options to raise it; almost none of them are easy though:

  • Participate in a war as a hired mercenary or an adopted lord for any of the factions involved. If your faction wins the war (that's to say, the other faction eventually asks for a ceasefire), you'll get right to rule.
  • Marry a lady. Developing blood ties with a noble family will strengthen your position.
  • Send your companions on propaganda missions to raise your popular support.
  • As soon as you establish your own faction, send companions as emissaries to other faction rulers to persuade them about your claims. Choosing companions with a good persuasion skill will help them succeed on their task.
  • Having already established your own faction, convince other lords to join your cause.

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