Seneschal Markward von Annweiler
Faction Kingdom of Sicily
Role Ruler
Fief(s) Palermo

Seneschal Markward von Annweiler is the ruler of the Kingdom of Sicily.

Historical Background Edit

Markward von Annweiler was a Ministerialis at the German House of Hohenstaufen (Staufer) and later the Seneschal of the Holy Roman Empire before he became the regent of Sicily in 1198. The battles he fought in Italy for the interests of the German kings  and his role in Sicily made him an opponent to Pope Innocent III.

The official King of Sicily was Frederick II, but he was only six years old in 1200. Frederick was the son of the German Emperor Henry VI., who had died in 1197. Markward von Annweiler made himself Frederick's custodian until Markward died in 1202. Frederick later became one of the most important Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, spending most of his life in Sicily.

A historic picture of Markward von Annweiler, taken from Liber ad honorem Augusti by Petrus de Ebulo can be found here:

Wikimedia - Markward von Annweiler

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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