Sevast Dobromir Hris
Faction Bulgarian Tsardom
Role Lord
Fief(s) Strumitsa

Sevast Dobromir Hris is a vassal of the Bulgarian Tsardom.

Historical Background Edit

Sevast Dobromir Hris was a Bulgarian (or Vlach) lord in the region of Macedonia. Some historians believe that he was sent in 1186 by the early Asenids with 500 men to raise the Bulgarians and Vlachs in Macedonia against the Romans and thus aid the general Bulgarian liberational movement. Hriz managed to take the fortress of Strumitsa, but not only didn't aid the Asenids, but even allied with the Romans against them. Soon, however, he changed his policy again and turned against the Romans, who managed to imprison him in 1193. But due to the continuing successes of the Bulgarians, the emperor set him free in 1196 with the hope to use him as a shield against them. To further bind Hriz to himself, the emperor married him to the daughter of his cousin, Protostrator Manuel Kamytzes.

But when Kaloyan rose to the Bulgarian throne in 1197, he managed to ally himself with both Despot Ivanko and Dobromir Hriz, with the latter even accepting his rule to some degree, thus changing sides for yet another time. The Roman emperor launched a punishing expedition against him, but soon cancelled it for unknown reasons. In 1199, however, he attacked him in Hriz' new stronghold of Prosek. The fortress was heavily fortified, with a skilled crew of engineers operating the castle's catapults, and the Roman army was soon forced to retreat. Around the same time, Dobromir Hriz' father-in-law, Manuel Kamytzes, was captured by Despot Ivanko while on a campaign in his lands. Ivanko sent him as prisoner to Tsar Kaloyan and since the Roman emperor refused to pay his ransom, Kaloyan offered him to Dobromir Hriz. Since then, both of them started raiding and conquering the Roman lands, eventually taking much of Macedonia and Thessaly.

Around 1201/1202 the Roman Empire launched another campaign against them, dividing their forces and defeating Kamytzes. After having lost much of his lands, Dobromir Hriz started negotiating with the empire again, changing to their side and marrying Ivanko's former fiancee and emperor's granddaughter, Theodora Angelina. But by 1202-1203 most of his lands were re-incorporated in the Bulgarian Tsardom, either directly conquered by Tsar Kaloyan's troops or given to him by the Romans as part of the peace treaty with them. Hriz' further fate is unknown.

About his appearance and character, Niketas Choniates says he was short in stature, rude in his manners, while in his speech he was "easily changeable" and "a chameleon".

More information about him can be found on his Wikipedia page.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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