Sevast Strez
Faction Bulgarian Tsardom
Role Lord
Fief(s) Moria

Sevast Strez is a vassal of the Bulgarian Tsardom.

Historical Background Edit

Sevast Strez is first mentioned in 1207 in relation to the death of Tsar Kaloyan and the ensuing battle for the Bulgarian throne, led between himself, his brother Boril and Aleksii Slav. It is unclear what title he held before that time, but it was probably not higher than that of a sevast.

After losing the competition for the Bulgarian crown to his brother, Strez fled to Serbia, where he was welcomed by Grand Prince Stefan Nemanjić and promoted to the title of sevastokrator. With Serbian help, he managed to take over the lands of Macedonia and became a semi-autonomous lord with his seat at the stronghold of Prosek. Soon, however, he came to a truce with his brother and changed sides, eventually joining a large anti-Serbian coalition between his realm, Boril's Bulgaria, the Latin Empire and the Epirote Despotate of Michael Komnenos Doukas. During the course of the campaign, he was approached for negotiations by the brother of the Serbian prince, St. Sava, but as they failed, Strez was immediately assassinated.

The hagiography of Saint Sava paints him as a reckless, ungodly, treasonous and cruel drunkard, though that may be a common slander. It also mentions the story how Strez had a habit of convicting his subjected peasants to death for the smallest crimes, ordering them to be thrown from a high cliff down to the Vardar River and then shouting to them "Be careful not to wet your coat, old man!"

More information about him can be found on his Wikipedia page.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

Family (Historical) Edit

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