Skills are used to improve your character in a more direct manner, such as increasing the players heal speed. All skills have a base attribute which limits the level you can upgrade your skill. A skill can only be a 1/3 of its base attribute up to a maximum of 10. For example if your strength attribute is 15 you can only up increase skills with that base attribute up to 5 until you increase your strength.

Types of SkillEdit

There are 3 different types of skill party, leader and personal.

Party Skill

These provide a bonus to the players whole warband. The value used is the highest in the party, with a bonus from every 2 levels the player has in the abillity (only when another characters value is used).

Leader Skill

This skill affects the whole warband like a party skill but only the value from the leader of the group is used, so for the players band it is their skill level.

Personal Skill

These skills grant a bonus or ability to only that person and it is always their value that is used not the highest in the group. These are mostly the combat skill such as power strike and shield.

List of skillsEdit

Skill Name Type Base Attribute Effect
Ironflesh Personal Strength
  • Each ponit increases health by 2 points.
Power Strike Personal Strength
  • Increases melee damage by 8% per point.
Power Throw Personal Strength
  • Increases throwing damage by 8% per point.
  • Needed to wield better throwing weapons.
  • Each point you have past the required amount for your particular weapon also grants you some increased accuracy.
Power Draw Personal Strength
  • Increases the damage of bows and crossbows by 14% (up to skill level of bow requirement + 4).
  • Needed to wield better bows and crossbows.
  • Each point you have past the required amount for your particular weapon also grants you some increased accuracy.
Weapon Master Personal Agility
  • Makes learning weapon proficiencies easier and increase the limit you can learn them up to.
Shield Personal Agility
  • Reduces damage done to shields by 8% per point.
  • Increases the speed you can raise a shield and its max coverage.
Athletics Personal Agility
  • Increases running speed.
Riding Personal Agility
  • Increases speed and maneuvarability of your horse.
  • Allows you to ride better horses.
Horse Archery Personal Agility
  • Reduces penalties to damage and accuracy of bows, crossbows and thrown weapons when using them from horseback.
Looting Party Agility
  • Increases available loot by 10% per level
Trainer Personal Intelligence
  • Every character in the party with this skill adds some experience to all other party members who are lower in level than the 'trainer'. The experience is added at midnight of every day.
Tracking Party Intelligence
  • Allows you to discover tracks on the map.
  • The higher the level the more information you get from tracks.
Tactics Party Intelligence
Path-finding Party Intelligence
  • Provides 3% increase to party movement speed per level.
Spotting Party Intelligence
  • Sight range is increased by 10% per level.
Inventory Managment Leader Intelligence
  • Increases inventory capacity by 6 slots.
Wound Treatment Party Intelligence
  • Healing speed of party members increased by 20% per level.
Surgery Party Intelligence
  • 4% chance per level that party memebers that would have died are only knocked unconscious.
First Aid Party Intelligence
  • Characters regain 5% of hit points lost during each battle per skill level.
Engineer Party Intelligence
  • Construction of siege equipment is made faster.
  • Can construct fief improvements faster.
Persuasion Personal Intelligence
  • Lowers relationship level needed to get characters to do what you want.
  • Increases chance of succesfull persuasion attempts.
Prisoner Managment Leader Charisma
  • Each level increases maximum number of prisoners by 5.
Leadership Leader Charisma
  • Increases party morale by 25 for each level.
  • Troop wages decreased by 5% per level.
  • Increases party capacity by 5 per level.
Trade Party Charisma
  • Reduces trade penalty by 5%

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