Towns are settlements that can be found all over Europe and the Mediterranean region. A town usually represents a medium or large urban community, protected by solid walls and including a keep where the local lord resides, an arena, a tavern and a marketplace. Towns serve as accumulators and redistributors of the products from nearby villages, and also produce their own processed products. The local merchants tend to elect a guild master among them, who can be interacted with by the player.

Each town belongs to a certain culture. Like villages (and unlike castles), towns will not change their culture over the course of the game, even if conquered by a different faction from their original owner.

All towns are owned by a certain lord, who on many occasions will be the faction's ruler himself. Most factions have a town as their capital, where the royal court resides and where the ruler has his seat of power.

Over the course of the game, the player may come to possess towns as his/her own fiefs. Whether the player is the lord/lady of a town or not, the following interactions can be performed (if the town belongs to a hostile faction, the player will have to sneak into the town first):

  • Recruit troops: hire any volunteers that may want to join your party, with a cost of 10 denars each. Usually they will be militians, the lowest tier units in their urban troop trees. The precise kind of militians the player can recruit depends on the town's culture. The relationship of the player with the town determines the number of lads who will volunteer to join his/her party (the higher, more volunteers).
  • Take a walk around the streets: take a stroll inside the town's walls, visit the marketplace, meet its inhabitants or discuss your business with the guild master.
  • Visit the tavern: the tavern is a must-go place for any self-respecting captain. Unique characters (like companions) can only be met here, as well as for-hire mercenaries, travelers, university students, book merchants and ransom brokers.
  • Enter the arena:
  • Visit the Marketplace: allows buying and selling of inventory items including horses, weapons, armor, and goods.