Vicar Krvaš
D krvas
Faction Republic of Ragusa
Role Lord
Fief(s) Korčula
Mercenary Camp West

Vicar Krvaš is a vassal of the Republic of Ragusa.

Historical Background Edit

Krvaš (Latin: Gervasius) was a Prince (Knez/Comes) anda a possible Vicar of Ragusa, ruling the Republic from 1186 to 1190, and again in 1192.

Following the Serbo-Ragusan war that started in 1184, a peace treaty was negotiated in Dubrovnik, two years later - on the 27th of September 1186. The Ragusan side was represented by Prince Krvaš and Archbishop Tribun, together with a Norman emissary from the Kingdom of Sicily, while the Serbian side was represented by Prince Nevdal and Družina Vidošević. A peace was arranged between the warring factions, who also adopted an agreement - Serbia would let Ragusan traders do bussines in Serbia without any taxes, while Ragusa would pay a yearly tax to the Serbian ruler.

In 1189, Ban Kulin issued a trade agreement between the Banate of Bosnia and Ragusa, today known as Charter of Kulin Ban. It was adressed to Prince Krvaš directly, and confirmed the freedom of Ragusan traders in Bosnia, while Kulin also offered his deepest friendship to Krvaš and to the people of Dubrovnik.

In 1190, Krvaš recieved an emissary mission, sent by Miroslav of Hum, which was lead by Prince Mavro and Srđa. The goal of the mission was to negotiate a safe refuge for Miroslav and his family in Dubrovnik, if they come in danger due to the recent battle in which Serbia lost against the Byzantines. The negotiations were succesful, but in the end, Miroslav never needed to take refuge there.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

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