Voivode Jura
S jura
Faction Grand Principality of Serbia
Role Lord
Fief(s) Petrus

Voivode Jura is a vassal of the Grand Principality of Serbia.

Historical Background Edit

Jura was a military commander of Serbia, with the titles of Captain, and later Voivode (possibly).

In 1186, Jura was sent to the town of Kotor by the Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja to deal with some problems concerning the selling of timber from the town servants to the townspeople (which was a crime, apparently), while also establishing some other regulations and penalties.

Game Info Edit

Family Edit

Note Edit

Jura's title in 1186 was not Voivode, but Captain (serb. Satnik - the commander of 100 warriors). However, we gave him a title of Voivode because: a) In the early research, he was the only military commander we found, and since the title of Voivode was very widespread in the medieval Serbia, we felt it was essential for Serbia to have at least one Voivode. b) If he survived up to the year of this mod, and was still active, it is very much possible that he advanced to the rank of Voivode (a rank that is 1 or 2 tiers higher than the Captain).

So, until that gets proven wrong, or until a new Serbian Lord gets found, he will stay in the game as Voivode Jura.

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